About Us

Children Reading the Holy Bible

What we do?

Life Maestro was established to help people create an integral foundation essential to growth and empowerment. We provide the tools that nurture and cultivate people to create personal change. 

Why we do it?

The foundations of success are not taught in today's society but are proven. These principles are holistic, easily understood and can be applied in everyday life.

Group Lecture

How we do it?

By creating fun and exciting group sessions that are interactive, challenging and engaging.

You will learn how to use and apply the 12 pillars in any area of life.


12 Pillars

  1. Integrity & Character

  2. Values & Principles

  3. Self – discipline

  4. Discovering Laws of success

  5. Righteousness

  6. Perseverance & Consistency

  7. Purpose, Passion & Ambition

  8. Planning

  9. Knowledge, Understanding & Wisdom

  10. Humility

  11. Counsel & accountability

  12. Love

Empowering your institutions, organisations and businesses.

The 12 pillars can be used in







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